Irene Abiko
Project Description

Irene Abiko, Certified Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist

Irene earned a bachelor’s degree in community based rehabilitation and a diploma in mobility and rehabilitation from Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda. From 2008-2016, she taught braille and O&M at Kyambogo University as a student instructor and graduate assistant prior to graduate school. Irene graduated with a Masters of Orientation and Mobility in 2017 from Western Michigan University, with practicum and internship hours obtained from the Michigan Bureau of Services for the Blind training center in Kalamazoo, MI, Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, MI, and Edward Hines VA Blind Rehabilitation Center in Hines, IL. Certified through ACVREP, Irene hopes to uphold the standards and responsibilities of the profession. She believes each step counts as one makes his or her way to independent travel. She currently serves as an O&M Specialist with CLB, providing individualized training to clients teaching them how to travel safely and independently in their environment.