Kathy Gross

Kathy Gross, Low Vision Coordinator

Kathy serves as CLB’s Low Vision Coordinator. She oversees CLB Mobile Eye Care Unit events, coordinates low vision clinic appointments, and helps CLB build rapport in the community. She partners with the Retina Group of Washington Chief Tech and Community Clinic Coordinators to organize eye screening outreach on CLB’s Mobile Eye Care Unit. Kathy personally screens patients for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy and she educates the community about various eye diseases and the importance of annual eye examinations. When Kathy is not doing community eye screening outreach, she corresponds with potential low vision clients and collaborates with a certified low vision doctor to prepare, assist, and educate visually impaired clients on how to regain their independence and social skills. Kathy has years of experience in public service, client quality service, and community volunteering.