Norah Norman

Norah Norman, Guide Dog Extraordinaire

Norah Norman serves as a guide dog for her mom, Olivia Norman, and helps her travel safely around the Washington, DC region. She helps Olivia to navigate trains, Ubers, and buses, and makes sure she gets where she needs to go both quickly and efficiently. Olivia is the leader and tells Norah where they are headed or when to cross streets; she gets her around obstacles like poles in the street. Norah also stops to show Olivia where the corner is located and then wait for her directions. In 2012, Norah graduated from an organization in Oregon called Guide Dogs for the Blind and she has worked with Olivia ever since. You can find Norah at CLB’s Silver Spring office, curled up on her bed under Olivia’s desk or in the kitchen hoping for some delicious food!