Vencer Cotton

Vencer Cotton, Senior Director of Technology

For over twenty years, Vencer Cotton has provided assistive technology training and support to a wide variety of learners, research/development specialists, trainers and stakeholders. Cotton, as he prefers to be called, promotes the strong idea that “technology should bring us closer together: not making us to be farther apart”. He stresses that “accessibility is the right of all people”. Cotton currently serves as the Senior Director of Technology at CLB. In this position, he works to develop business, learning, and employment opportunities in the areas of accessibility assurance services and assistive technology training. Cotton is highly sought after for his in-depth knowledge and skill as a presenter, educational consultant to institutions of higher learning and k12 schools, curriculum developer, and strategic planner. He has been an active accessibility assurance professional for over ten years across the southeast. Cotton loves to share the message of the “added value when information and the systems that deliver it are accessible to all: regardless of ability.” He hopes to leave a lasting legacy of positive influence and powerful impact as he helps others to focus on accessibility. Cotton graduated from City University of New York – Hunter College with a master’s degree in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy.