Low Vision Services

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Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind (CLB) provides low vision care that helps individuals with vision loss make the most of their remaining vision. CLB’s doctor of optometry will introduce you to adaptive aids and techniques that enhance your vision and help you retain your independence.

If vision loss is interfering with your life, let Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind help!


Low Vision Care Begins with a Low Vision Evaluation

Through special testing techniques, CLB’s Doctor of Optometry determines which devices can best improve or assist low vision. Special lenses, prisms, magnifiers, light filters and other technologically enhanced devices may be prescribed to augment and improve vision impairments.

A low vision evaluation begins with an evaluation of your vision history, your limitations and your goals. The next step is to evaluate visual acuity, visual fields and ocular health. Once these steps are complete, the patient explores possible adaptive aids. These aids include high-powered glasses, magnifiers, telescopic devices, special lighting or glare filters and electronic devices.

Following this assessment, you will explore alternatives to help maximize your vision. Solutions often include high-powered glasses, magnifiers, telescopic devices, special lighting or glare filters and electronic devices. If you think you need a magnification solution that is greater than 4x, you must schedule an appointment with CLB at the location below.

Low vision evaluations take place in Maryland. Call us for more information about Low Vision Care or to schedule an appointment.

What is Low Vision?

Low vision refers to vision loss that cannot be corrected with conventional glasses or contacts, surgery or medication. Low vision affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

Low vision is still usable vision. CLB can help you maximize your remaining eyesight so you can continue to enjoy your lifestyle and pastimes.

To schedule an appointment please contact our low vision department at:

Silver Spring, Maryland:

Low Vision Center
c/o Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind
8757 Georgia Avenue
Suite 805
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 589-0894
Fax: 1-877-595-9228
E-mail: info@clb.org
Hours: Wednesday Mornings

Mobile Eye Care Unit

Our Mobile Eye Care unit is on the street and providing vision care services to communities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Services provided by the Mobile Eye Care unit include routine eye screenings, diabetic eye screenings, glaucoma screenings, and demonstrations of low vision aids.

If you would like to schedule the Mobile Eye Care unit for an event or corporate screening please contact Kathy Gross at 240-670-6846 or kgross@clb.org.