Rehabilitation Services

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CLB’s Rehabilitation Services Include:

Orientation and Mobility

As part of CLB’s orientation and mobility training, you will learn safety techniques and how to use a cane to increase your independence. You will receive hands-on practice in negotiating different environments including your home, office and other places in the community. Instruction includes successfully using public transportation.

Independent Living Skills

At CLB, you will learn techniques for accomplishing daily tasks such as using writing guides, identifying money, using the phone, cooking, housekeeping and laundry care. Organizational strategies and hands-on application in your home or community complement the instruction.

Braille Instruction

In CLB’s contracted and non-contracted Braille courses, professional instructors teach literacy skills useful for labeling your belongings to reading books and magazines.

DeafBlind Program

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If you or someone close to you cannot use communication tools such as the telephone or computer because of combined vision loss and hearing loss, a new federal program may offer solutions. The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program provides communication technology, assessment and training to eligible individuals. Learn more about the program at Residents of Washington DC or the state of Maryland can submit applications by contacting

iCanConnect Application

Open Letter to the Deaf-Blind Community

Case Management Services

Twenty-one percent of Americans ages 65 and older are visually impaired or blind. Many of these older adults feel isolated and lack the independence and mobility they desire because of their vision loss.

With over 100 years of providing direct services to the blind and visually impaired community, CLB is well placed to provide a focused program to inform and educate older adults with vision loss and provide resources, activities and support services.

For the above reasons, CLB developed Case Management Services that offers seniors the ability to reconnect with family, friends and the world around them by teaching independent living skills, orientation and mobility training, and by providing assistive technology, computer training and support services. Additional services include support sessions with the client’s family members, loved ones, and assisted living facility staff to help them understand the challenges and opportunities that affect blind and low vision people as they age.

Is vision loss interfering with your life or causing problems for someone you know? Even when you can not regain your vision, you can retain your independence. Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind can help those with visual impairments.

CLB professionals meet with you to design a program tailored to meet your individual needs. Rehabilitation and mobility instructors lead you through hands-on practice in successfully facing daily challenges including managing household chores, traveling in the community and managing personal finances.

For more information contact CLB at 240-737-5100 and ask about our Rehabilitation Services.