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Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind is a mission driven community resource for the blind and visually impaired community of greater Washington. With vision health screenings, independent living skills training, and employment services, CLB provides customized services for improving the well being and independence of the community it serves.

Information and Referral Department

CLB’s information and referral department is designed to provide information, resources and referrals to services.

Low Vision Services

CLB provides vision screenings as well as comprehensive eye examinations and low vision exams. All examinations are performed by a certified optometrist at either CLB’s Silver Spring office or in the community in the state of the art Mobile Eye Care unit. Recommendations for vision aids such as magnifiers and filters are given as needed.

Adult Services

A woman learning to navigate stairs with a white caneCLB’s adult services programs include instruction in independent living skills, which includes the teaching of alternative techniques for banking, shopping, cooking, computer skills, Braille, labeling, and identifying personal items. Also provided are classes in orientation and mobility training which includes instruction in using a white cane to remain safe and learning to navigate public transportation independently. Other services offered include ongoing support groups and case management to assist with adjustment to vision loss concerns. Additionally the Foundations of Adjustment to Blindness (FAB) classes are offered monthly to adults who have lost their vision. FAB includes support groups, orientation and mobility training, and instruction in independent living skills.

Youth and Family ServicesA young boy hitting a beepball off of a tee

CLB’s youth and family programs start at birth to help build the skills and self-confidence necessary for future independence. Programs include: annual events, holiday activities, summer camp, early intervention services, teen group, parent workshops and much more!

Employment Services

CLB’s employment services department works with clients to help find and maintain employment. The department provides job-readiness assessments, computer skills assessments and job coaching for job development, featuring career life skills group workshops. The workshops offer career path presentations and discussion, needs assessments and recommendations, and networking that can lead to employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The employer outreach initiative gives an employer an opportunity to meet qualified candidates for vacancies available.

Braille TouchTM – Braille Production Services

CLB is an ISO 9000 certified organization that offers Brailling services for everything from business cards, brochures and flyers, to letters, reports, budgets and more. With the number of visually impaired and blind individuals in our population, it is very important to be sure to have information accessible to all customers.

Government Services

CLB currently manages 13 Federal government contracts and employs 65 blind, visually impaired and service disabled veterans within our current contracts which include: Administrative Support, Contact Center Services, Contract Management Support, Digital Data Scan, Section 508 Assurance Services, and Braille Productions. CLB is an AbilityOne agency through the National Industries for the Blind.

Digital Data Scan (DDS)

DDS is an ISO 9000 certified comprehensive, high quality and competitively priced solution to convert paper files to electronic documents. DDS offers highly trained and motivated workforce that includes visually impaired and blind professionals who have performed document conversion for many Federal Government agencies.

Bridge to WorkTM

CLB offers an employment and training program for service disabled, visually impaired or blind veterans to assist them in entering or re-entering the workforce.

DeafBlind Program

CLB’s DeafBlind program provides culturally-informed services to members of the Signing DeafBlind community in Pro-Tactile American Sign Language” alongside what we currently have, to include consumers from both philosophies Services include: Support Service Providers (SSPs), assistive technology, Braille instruction, orientation and mobility training, and independent living skills.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) refers to products, devices or equipment used to maintain, increase or improve functional capabilities. CLB’s AT department helps consumers and employers by: providing hands-on training in the use of assistive technology as well as computer training classes, consulting with employers and working with employees experiencing vision loss to continue doing their jobs.

Volunteer Program

CLB’s volunteer services include: readers and friendly visitors, summer camp counselors, volunteers to assist with special events, and office support volunteers.

Download a PDF that includes a short synopsis of each of our programs and services.

Please call 202-454-6400 or email for more information on any of these programs or services.