Foundations of Adjustment to Blindness

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Foundation Adjusment of BlindnessCLB’s rehabilitation team delivers multiple services within an innovative program called Foundations of Adjustment to Blindness (FAB). These services include orientation and mobility, assistive technology training, and independent living skills. This two weeklong course is held monthly. It includes an independent living center with a full apartment and kitchen for teaching daily living skills and an assistive technology lab for computer training classes. It is housed within walking distance of the Fort Totten Metro Station.

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Certified vision rehabilitation instructors will teach:

  • Independent Living Skills including cooking and cleaning safely in the home environment.
  • How to use the latest Adaptive Technology to enhance all aspects of everyday life
  • Orientation & Mobility Training including how to properly use a white cane to navigate indoors and outdoors plus how to use public transportation to travel to and from destinations independently.