2013 CLB Employees of the Year


Recently, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind (CLB) recognized Claire Posteraro as Employee of the Year and James Dietz and Stephen Martin as Contract Employees of the Year. These employees were honored for their outstanding service to client delivery and overall dedication to CLB.  Claire Posteraro is the Orientation & Mobility Specialist assigned to District of Columbia’s Public Schools. James Dietz and Stephen Martin, Project Support Analysts, at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration office located in Rockville, MD.


James and Stephen were honored with the Customer Service Excellence Award at the 2013 Food and Drug Administration Office of Operations Honor Awards Ceremony. The work performed daily by Claire, James, and Stephen is integral to CLB’s mission, and additionally, their roles are critical to the continued efficiencies of their dedicated work places. Claire, James, and Stephen’s honors are in part due to their time and quality of service, previous recognitions by management with a Certification of Appreciation at quarterly staff meetings, and overall above level performance and productivity.

Tony Cancelosi, President and CEO, of CLB, said, “Our investments in credentialed staff is for the purpose of serving our clients well and efficiently as well as rendering quality work on our contracts, and these honors are to express our gratitude to these recipients and overall appreciation for all of our employees.”

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