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Independence is Our Vision

Serving the visually impaired in the DMV for over 100 years

CLB is a trusted partner for individuals who are losing their vision as we champion accessibility in every area of life.


People living with vision impairment in the DMV

1 in 3

People over 65 at risk of losing their vision


Years CLB has been serving the visually impaired in the DMV

Losing your vision is not the
end of your life.

In fact, life can be full after vision loss.
CLB is here to help you adapt.

“You will be able to lead a good life.”

Three months into retirement, I experienced a rare condition and became legally blind with low vision. Becoming blind was the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. Being able to have the resources of CLB to help me has been critical to my ability to adjust to blindness and be able to thrive in life. I can’t thank CLB enough for all the work that it does for the blind and low vision community and what it has done for me personally.

Bob Irvin

CLB Board Member, CLB Consumer

“I could learn and have the support necessary to be there for my daughter.”

She wasn’t born visually impaired, so not knowing anything, having CLB there to guide us through those processes meant a lot for me as a parent. I could learn and have the support necessary to be there for my daughter. I always look forward to meeting other parents of visually impaired kids because not only do we have each other for support, we have each other to learn from. That’s a huge blessing about being a part of CLB.


Parent of CLB Consumer

“I am very thankful.”

It is fearsome losing one’s eyesight, and CLB is a connection which does more than offer a helping hand. It offers education at many levels, and approaches instruction with respect and dignity. I am very thankful.

Kirsta McCullough

CLB Consumer

“CLB events helped us realize we were not alone.”

CLB has been a tremendous resource for our daughter. CLB events provided a peer group for our daughter and helped us realize that we were not alone, but a member of a community – A community that not only shared similar worries and concerns – but a community that has high expectations for what any visually impaired person can achieve and become!

Bill and Lauren Carbaugh

Parent of CLB Consumer

Foundations of Adjustment to Blindness

Foundations of Adjustment to Blindness (FAB) is CLB’s flagship course for individuals who are experiencing vision loss.
Participants learn orientation and mobility, assistive technology training, and independent living skills.

Learn more about FAB
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