CLB’s Important Low Vision Clinic Work

CLB’s Best Kept Secret

For anyone with vision loss, an appointment for a comprehensive full optometric exam can check your eye health. The preliminary diagnosis for a condition, allows you to receive the very best eyeglass prescription or be referred for any necessary medical treatments.

If there is no medical cure-all? What’s the answer? A low vision exam will include testing for the best optical answers using glasses, high power lenses and magnifiers. After the low vision exam, you can meet with our new CLVT, Certified Low Vision Therapist, who will follow up with your vision needs as a physical therapist follows up after a broken bone.

Our staff members understand both low vision devices and putting your independence goals first. All recommendations are made specifically for you.

Recommendations can include various tinted lenses for reducing glare indoors and out, handheld and stand magnifiers, electronic aids that magnify up to 60X and other items or techniques specific to your needs, to continue your work and hobbies.

We offer you options to meet your personal goals and you choose what works for you.

There are four ways for a blind person to thread a needle. Who knew? For cooking, a variety of kitchen aids exist to make it safer and more efficient. Devices can be demonstrated on site. We will help you to find and fund any item that helps you.

We will bill your insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. If you do not have insurance, CLB has access to a number of grants that may cover your visit.

If you think the low vision therapy services end at the office, you are mistaken. CLB can make office visits to give you a workplace assessment as well. This can include adjusting lighting, screen contrasts, recommending accessible software, adjusting monitors or chairs to optimize your workspace. We can also help you with a reasonable accommodation request with your employer.

To make an appointment, or receive further information, please contact Tiffiany Jones at or 240-454-3859. CLB’s low vision clinic is located at 8720 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910.

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