David White

CLB congratulates David White for receiving the Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library for exemplary service in JAWS screen reader instruction. Each week Mr. White leads two hour, one-on-one sessions for patrons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, completely free of charge. Recently, David started a weekly Friday social trip with his patrons, aiming to promote activity and social behavior amongst people who are blind.

“David White is extremely dedicated to and passionate about, his work as a volunteer in the Adaptive Services Department. He is a valued volunteer in our department.” Patrick Timony, Adaptive Technology Librarian, Adaptive Services Department.

David began losing his sight when he was 9 years old due to detached retinas and first began using CLB’s services when he was 14 years of age. CLB provided him with orientation & mobility training, in-home independent living skills training, plus an introduction to adaptive technology. David absolutely loves his volunteerism. The award is just confirmation that his hard work is paying off because as David says, “I eat, sleep, and breathe adaptive technology.”

The DC Public Library, through its Adaptive Services Department (ASD), helps the deaf community, visually impaired, older adults, veterans and injured service people better use the library.

The Adaptive Technology (AT) Program provides ATs, including screen readers, screen magnifiers, and learning disability solutions, in the Adaptive Services Department (ASD) and at branch libraries. ASD also provides CCTV video magnifiers at selected branches and divisions, and host a demonstration collection of mobile devices with accessibility features. Free training is available on basic use of the JAWS screen reader and keyboarding. Orientation sessions on any of our ATs can be scheduled by contacting Patrick Timony at patrick.timony@dc.gov, or 202-727-2142. ASD also hosts networking events and discussion sessions on various topics related to Adaptive Technologies.

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