LEGO Set to Debut Braille Bricks

Only 10% of the blind population can read Braille. New technology has lessened the need for a blind person to know Braille. However, of those who do know Braille, 90% are employed. With employment comes a long list of benefits such as higher self-esteem, confidence, and independence.

Video Credited to Prince George’s County TV

Learning to read Braille is best done when you are young and the brain is developing. LEGO, the popular building toy, announced that they will debut Braille bricks next year.

Nai Damato, CLB’s Assistant Director of DeafBlind and Technology Services, says, “Part of what makes somebody a successful reader and to truly use the Braille modality as a native way of reading is to begin early. You really need to allow the brain to develop that tactile sensitivity, and to be able to develop processing so that they read efficiently and quickly. This is the foundation and it sets the building blocks for their education and eventually their employment.”

CLB is very excited about LEGO’s announcement and look forward to getting some Braille bricks into the hands of kids in the DMV.

LEGO Set to Debut Braille Bricks
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