Never Be Discouraged

Never Be Discouraged

by Alice Crespo


Alice Crespo, a native of New York, lost her sight as an infant and endured a difficult childhood and tells her story in her new book, “Never Be Discouraged” (ISBN# 9781462407828). This book is not entirely an autobiography, but also, it is a collection of  stories that explain her never-ending positive attitude about her disability and  encouragement for people who are learning to cope with vision loss. Alice covers a number of topics including her difficult childhood at home and at school, where she was not given the proper accessible educational materials, as well as how she received training and broke the poverty cycle by having a successful career despite everyone’s doubts.

Through all of these challenges, Alice has determined, “The worst thing that can happen to someone is not that they lose their sight, but that they lose their vision.” Additionally, she is adamant that one should not be afraid to accept the fact that you have lost your sight and that there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed because of it.

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