Ray Raysor – Radio Host

Ray Raysor – Host of Sight n’ Vision Radio


Ray Raysor hosts the Sight n’ Vision Radio Talk Show which airs every Friday at 11:30 am on WOL 1450 AM. The show is recorded in Silver Spring, MD and streams online worldwide. The talk show was launched in September 2012 as the first of its kind, targeted specifically towards the visually impaired community, as an opportunity to voice opinions and learn about relevant events in the area.

When Ray was 13 years old, an accident with a firecracker left him completely blind in both eyes. His family did not know what to do until a social worker recommended that Ray’s parents contact Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind (CLB). Almost 50 years later, Ray is still heavily involved with CLB by speaking and volunteering at events because he is very grateful for what he was given by CLB and wants to give back to the visually impaired community.

Through the years, Ray has participated in many of the programs that CLB offers. As a result of Ray’s participation with CLB, he has learned Braille, independent travel with the use of a white cane and public transportation, proficiency with adaptive computer technologies, and independent living skills such as safely cooking and cleaning. Ray especially appreciated his CLB instructors who kept him on task and pushed him to achieve independence in all aspects of his life.

Ray’s professional experience is in the food processing industry as a contractor for the Federal Government; he retired a few years ago. His route to hosting a radio show was purely accidental. He was making a guest appearance on a radio show, and it went so well that he was invited back as a regular contributor on disability topics. When a time slot for new programming at the station became available, it was offered to Ray who wholeheartedly accepted it.

As Ray says at the end of every show, “I may not have sight, but I have vision, vision, vision.”

Mr. Raysor can be contacted at snvradioshow@gmail.com and like Sight n’ Vision’s Facebook page.