Transforming Lives: How Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind Helped Olliebelle Green Realize Her Dream of Joining the Janitorial Workforce

Six months ago, Olliebelle Green walked through the doors of Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, hoping to get the skills she needed to have sustainable employment in the Janitorial field.

Darren Moore, the Assistant Director of Workforce Services, worked personally with her to fulfill her dream. Together, the two mapped out a plan that combined training and practical experience to fit Ms. Green’s needs and skills.

“When I first met Olliebelle, she was facing several barriers in her current place of employment,” Moore said.

Darren Moore found Olliebelle a Janitors and Housekeeping Cleaners job at Medstar Washington Hospital Center to provide her with valuable work experience on a job site.

After a brief trial period, Olliebelle was hired for part-time work by the facility. Her On-Premise manager, Jennifer Karapetyan, is more than satisfied with Olliebelle’s work. “She has come out of her shell and really flourished,” she states.

Now, only six months after contacting CLB for help, Olliebelle is picking up extra shifts and helping to train new employees at Medstar Washington Hospital Center. She hopes that her new skills and hard work will help her qualify quickly for a full-time position.

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